WITH or WITHOUT travel insurance while travelling???

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A million dollar question! Many people think it´s not necessary. Especially when they travel short term, like vacation for 10 days or so. However, my personal experience says: “Always travel with travel insurance!”And I always do. Mum – you can be proud of me! 😉

So why do I always travel with insurance?

Because you NEVER know what can happen during your vacation or backpacking trip. Murphy´s law is Murphy´s law. Getting sick during travels is not nice at all. Having accident during travels is even worse. But the idea of paying all bills on your own for hospitals once it happens, that is unbearable! Sometimes it could be bills only for hundreds of dollars, but if it is something more serious, well, could be thousands and thousands of dollars. So why should we risk?

With my famous “luck”, I don´t even leave to neighbour country without any proper travel insurance.  I have had so many incidents, accidents and medical issues during my travels that I cannot even count them. And only the idea that I would travel without any insurance would cause me more wrinkles (actually I am not aware of any wrinkles yet, ehm, still too young for that! 😉 ).

I ended up in a hospital in Coban, Guatemala with serious allergy after being bitten by red ants …

Where do I get my travel insurance?

In the past I used to have Slovak travel insurance (such as UNION, etc…), however, within some time I found out that there are better and cheaper options worldwide. With better conditions.

My favourite is THE TRUE TRAVELLER which was set up back in 2010 by three travellers who have been through many adventures and know how important it is to have proper insurance. That is why their stripline is “Travel Insurance designed by travellers“.

The best thing about The True Traveller is that everything can be done ONLINE! No personal office meeting, paper refill. Their official website is super easy to handle and to choose the right insurance couldn´t be easier. It is truly simple.

I bought my insurance for THE WHOLE WORLD (including the USA & Canada) for the period of 16 months for 565 euro! Besides the typical medical expenses I got my luggage as well as personal items insured.

How does it work in the event of a medical emergency?

Fortunately, in the last 4 months during my travels across Latin America, I ended up ONLY once in the hospital where I actually had to pay something. It was in Costa Rica where I ended up in an emergency hospital with a serious infection of urinal tract. I had to pay around 100 dollars for examination and antibiotics. Subsequently I emailed The True Traveller about the case already with filled in document which I downloaded at their official page. They contacted me back within 24 hours and within next 3 working days I had my money sent to my back account. Easy, smooth and without complications.

So my dear MiliMundo readers, what do you say about my insurance? Which one do YOU use?

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