Winter weekend escape to „Chata pod Suchým“ cottage in Malá Fatra, Slovakia

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You can find plenty of inspiration in my articles about my beloved country Slovakia, however, not that many about winter weekend trips. So here I am bringing you a piece about our weekend winter escape to Slovak national park called Malá Fatra where we stayed overnight in a magical cottage called “Chata pod Suchým”. Let it be great inspiration for any type of weekend escape from your daily routine.

What is “Chata pod Suchým”

Chata pod Suchým ´s literal translation is “Cottage under Dry” while Dry represents a name for a peak at the altitude of 1468 meters located in a national park of Slovakia called Malá Fatra. The cottage itself is located at the altitude of 1075 meters and is a cute hidden gem of this national park.

This magical mountain cottage Chata pod Suchým was built in 1948 and has remained with the same interior since then. It offers a classical accommodation in 4, 8 up to 12 beds per room and delicious Czech and Slovak cuisine for reasonable prices between 7am and 9pm.

Cottage is fully equipped, it has electricity, running water, even showers (for which you will need some euro coins). Compared to the simple cottage of Veľká Fatra national park – Limba pod Rakytovom, it was luxurious and comfortable.

How to get to “Chata pod Suchým”

As mentioned above, Chata pod Suchým is located in a national park Malá Fatra, Western Slovakia. You have three options on how to get to this mountain cottage. You will either start your hike from a village called Varín, Strečno or Kľačianska Magura.

We did this hike in January 2022 with plenty of snow and took an option n. 1. We parked our cars in a village Varín from where we followed green hiking trail and ascended around 800 elevation meters. It took us 4 hours to get to the cottage and I must say that with this winter snowy conditions, it was tough. We all were equipped with crampoons, two of us with snowshoes.

Next day we decided for different hiking trail and thus followed the bicycle trail which was the easiest and safest option on how to get to the village of Nezbudská lúčka (with Strečno on the other side of the river) from where we walked towards our cars in Varín.

I recommend this hike to Chata pod Suchým from Varín village to all lovers of winter hiking who are in a great shape and enjoy cold snowy weather.

What are the prices at Chata pod Suchým

Simple accommodation in any type of the cottage room costs 16 euro per person per night with blankets included. If you bring your own sleeping bag, it is 12 euro.

Prices of food vary but I can say it is not very expensive. I remember paying around 5 euro for breakfast (either sausages or eggs), between 6 to 9 euro for main course (either “buchty na pare, guľáš or other traditional Slovak meals). 0,5L draft beer around 2 euro.

Of course, bring the cash and in case you want to book your accommodation in advance (recommended), use this website of Chata pod Suchým.

What to bring to Chata pod Suchým

As I already mentioned, this mountain cottage is equipped pretty well so no need to bring your own sleeping bags, neither food or drinks. Only the stuff you need for your hike up there (proper clothes, shoes, maybe headlamp and some snacks).

The main area of cottage – the dining room – has a nice wood-burning oven (where I accidentally burnt my jacket so watch out!) and views over precious mountains. It has all you need.

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