Why we stayed in Puerto Rico only a week and how much it cost us

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We got into Puerto Rico by ferry from the Dominican Republic. We had no idea what to expect from this country. We hadn´t planned anything or studied about this country. And maybe that was our mistake. Because for me Puerto Rico is the least Latin country of Latin America. Yeah, it is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and main language is Spanish, however, total impression from this country has been very different.

Puerto Rico is an official territory of the USA, and therefore, the USA has huge impact on this country. We felt it within their people, but especially within their prices. From country where used to pay $15 per private room we came to the country where we hardly negotiated price for $35. There was McDonald and Wendy on each corner.

I felt that Puerto Rico has been americanized too much.   

Therefore, already after a week we decided to book our flights to my favourite Latin American country – Colombia

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Luquillo, La Pared beach


But what did we manage to do and see within 6 days in Puerto Rico? We visited capital San Juan where we stayed overnight in hostel Casa Santurce for $35 after negotiating the price of course. After that we hitchhiked to town of Luquillo where we stayed three nights for free thanks to couchsurfing. We did daily trips to close by places such as rainforest El Yunque (Mt. Britton hike), we went for surfing to the beach la Pared or just relaxed at the Luquillo beach.

After three days we headed to small village of Ceiba from where we took a ferry for only $2 to the island Vieques where we stayed overnight in a hotel Wave for $30 after certain negotiation. We rented a scooter for $40 for 24 hours and travelled the whole island which was probably the highlight of our Puerto Rican trip.

And afterwards we decided to book our flights to Colombia the same day so we hitchhiked towards the airport in San Juan.

El Yunque park – view from Mt. Britton Tower
Vieques island
Magical sunset at Vieques island

Budget for Puerto Rico for 6 days for 2 people   


Ferry: $203

Accommodation: $65

Food: $267,50

Transportation: $24,50

Other: $95

TOTAL: $655

To the other expenses belong for example rental of scooter, rental of surfing board, sim card, souvenirs, etc …

We spent daily more or less $110 which is a lot compared to other Latin American countries which I backpacked on low budget.

And so after short stay in Puerto Rico we decided to fly to different country which would resemble more Latin America and less the USA.  As my main purpose of this journey was getting to know real face of Latin America.


Vieques island

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