Typical Crew Vocabulary on Cruise Ships

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Those who never worked on any cruise ships will find this article pretty weird, strange. But those who have worked will find it pretty funny and will understand most of it. Why so?!

You know, there are plenty of languages in the world. But people on cruise ships have their own language. They speak their own vocabulary. Vocabulary which is unconditionally used only on cruise ships. It is kind of crew/ship slang.

I am gonna provide some examples of most used words and phrases which are commonly used on cruise ships & which I used by myself. Some of them are even used in “normal” life, but they are used on ships very often! It is a combination of English, Spanish, Romanian or even language which doesn´t officially exist. Of course, these phrases are used by people who WORK on cruise ships. I am talking about crew vocabulary. 😉

Photo taken in my lovely cabin which I shared with 1 room(cabin)mate 🙂

Examples of most used crew/ship vocabulary:





Big Time

Bombo Claat

Cabin Party




Easy Tiger

Easy Life

Enjoying Your Cruise

Good Life




No Rice No Power

No Problem



Pula Mea

Puta Madre

Running Like Chickens

Same Shit, Different Day

Same Shit, Same Ship



Too Much Drama

U Picku Materinu

These words were used most of the time.

Do you have any questions about the meaning?? Feel free to ask in the comments. Some of them are actually pretty difficult to explain. 😀

Those who have worked on cruise ships, would you add some words & phrases??

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5 Responses

  • hahahha… those terms bring me A LOT of memories, from which some are quite fun (while some others not as much)! 😀 good stuff! Keep it up!

    …oh! I should mention that I miss some expression that I used to hear all the time around all Departments:


    • hahaha no me interessa was also used at my ship. Well, even now sometimes I use some of the phrases in real (“normal”) life, though nobody understands me 😀 So I am happy it brought you some nice memories 😉

  • Já jsem tedy v roce 2016 pracovala na holandské říční lodi, a kromě “crewmess” (a výrazů, které jsou tak nějak zřejmé, jako cabin party) se prakticky nechytám 🙂

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