My TOP 3 Craziest Travel Stories

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Each of us have unforgettable travel stories to tell our friends at our tea or beer session (just kidding with the tea 😀 ). I have plenty of interesting stories, however, I decided to share with you my TOP 3 crazy travel stories  which till today are giving me goose bump when talking about them.

1. Unbelievable meeting in Peru, Bolivia & Argentina

I will try to make this story as short as possible so you won´t get bored while reading. So imagine – I got on a local bus in Peru in order to cross the border and finally get to Bolivia. On the bus I met a nice Argentine guy called Mariano. I spent all day with him and his friend. Chit chatting in the bus, crossing the borders & spending first half day in Bolivian town Copacabana. At the end of the day we said good-bye to each other (me heading to ISLA del SOL and him staying in Copacabana). We didn´t change any contact, no facebook, no whatsapp. Nothing.

Approximately 6 weeks later I arrived to small Argentine village called Lujan de Cuyo. I was already in the house of my new couchsurfing host Leandro when somebody knocked the door. It was me who went to open the door and guess who stood in front of me. MARIANO! I couldn´t believe my eyes. I thought I would never ever see Mariano again and yet I met him in HIS village. As a bonus it turned out that Mariano is one of the best friends & at the same time neighbour of my new CS host Leandro. Coincidence or destiny??? 😀

2. How I almost died in Ecuadorian Amazonia jungle

I will shorten this story to minimum and spice it up with an added video which explains everything. But simply ME – insecure rope – deep chasm over Amazonia jungle – almost falling down at the end … Fortunately it all ended with happy end and my “professional cameraman” stayed at cursing only without a need of helping me out.

3. My adventurous journey to Machu Picchu

You have plenty of options of getting to famous Machu Picchu (MaPi). However, I, of course, took less comfortable but more adventurous option to MaPi. Instead of taking a full day trip to MaPi with a local travel agency, or famous Inca Trek, I decided to get there by myself. It included various local means of transportation with local people. Also overcrowded mini-van in the section of dangerous road without proper asphalt. And also walking 10 km through Peruvian jungle where I was attacked by bunch of annoying mosquito whose bites made me seek for professional medical help at the end. 😀

In spite of this uncomfortable journey, annoying insect, physical exhaustion, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Because getting to Machu Picchu by yourself is not a thing that can happen to everyone. 🙂

More detailed info about my Machu Picchu journey including budget & prices can be found HERE.

What are your crazy travel stories?? Mention them in the comments below. I am super curious. 🙂

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