Tips for day trips to nature around Bratislava, Slovakia (Little Carpathians)

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Bratislava (and Slovakia as such) is very underestimated place among many people and I find it sad because based on my own experience I can say that my country has a lot to offer as well as its capital Bratislava. This article is devoted especially to those who love nature and hiking and are planning to visit Bratislava and/or already live there. I will summarize few tips for day trips for hiking purposes around Bratislava and most of them are located in the mountains called Little Carpathians.

Vápenná & Jelenec

Sološnica – Vápenná – Jelenec – Častá

Buses from Bratislava to Sološnica leave almost every hour so it will be easy for you. Once you get off in the village Sološnica, follow the green/red trail mark which will lead you to the third highest peak of Little Carpathians – Vápenná with the altitude of 752 meters. My experienced hiking mates took me from there to the peak Jelenec which is officially out of the hiking trail but thanks to the app we found it without problem. The full day hike was finished on the other side of Carpathians – in the village called Častá from where we took a bus back to Bratislava.

In total it was around 20km, over 900 meters of elevation and 7 hours of hiking.

Čierna skala & Kršlenica

Plavecký Mikuláš — Kršlenica — Čierna Skala — Horné Orešany

This half day hike but with overnight camping stay definitely belongs to one of my highlights in Little Carpathians. After we got to the village Plavecký Mikuláš, we followed yellow hiking trail mark and got to the peak „Dubový vŕšok“ which is part of national nature reservation Kršlenica. The views from there were ineffable, especially the one over the castle Plavecký hrad. From this place we continued to another peak “Čierna skala”and from there it was nice and easy all the way to the water basin in the village Horné Orešany, where we decided to stay overnight and camped in our own tents.

In total it was around 15km, over 550 meters of elevation and 5 hours of hiking.

Záruby & Ostrý Kameň

Smolenice — Havrania Skala — Záruby — Ostrý Kameň – Vodná nádrž Buková — Plavecký Peter

This hiking trip offers a bit of everything. The highest peak, views, castles and ruins of the castles, lakes, … We started in a small marvellous village Smolenice where you can find beautiful Smolenice castle. We passed along this castle and hiked up to the peak Havrania Skala from where it was just a bit further to the highest peak of Little Carpathians “Záruby” with the elevation of 768 meters. The part between Záruby and the ruins of another castle Ostrý Kameň definitely belonged to my highlight because of the breath-taking views. From there we managed to get to the water basin Buková where few of us swam for a bit and our last hour of walk was through the green forest full of „bear garlic plant“. The whole day was finished in the village Plavecký Peter from where we took a bus to Bratislava. Use the web in order to look up bus/train schedules.

In total it was around 15km, over 670 meters of elevation and 5 hours of hiking.

 Malá Baňa & Malý Slavín

Rača — Malá Baňa — Pánova Lúka — Malý Slavín — Marianka

If you are in a mood for something truly easy without a need for any longer bus rides, then I can definitely recommend this day trip. You will start in Rača (city part of Bratislava where you can get by tram n. 3). Then follow blue trail mark and after an hour you will get to the nice viewpoint called “Malá Baňa”. Then continue the trail and head towards “Pánova Lúka” and memorial of WW2 “Malý Slavín”. Around these places you can easily stay longer and grill some delicious food you bring along and/or chill in your hammocks.  At least this is what we did. The whole day was finished in a village Marianka from where we took a bus back to Bratislava (only around 15 mins). Easy peasy. ?

In total it was around 11km, around 400 meters of elevation and 4 hours of hiking.

How do you like my tips? Useful? Inspirational? If you have your own favourite places around Bratislava suitable for hiking, mention them in the comments below. 

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