Slovak girl with latino heart – Why did I come back to Slovakia?

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Those who know me well are aware of my latino soul. Of my love towards Latin America. Its culture. Language. Passion. Energy. I find myself more latino girl than a girl from Central Europe. So why the hell did I come back to Slovakia??
First of all, I have moved back to Slovakia very recently. So, many things can still change a lot. However, this is the first time in 8 years I literally wanted to come back. WANTED! Free will.

When have I turned into Latino girl?

2012 is my breaking point in my life of a traveller. In the USA I worked as a jet-ski instructor at children´s camp. Immediately after summer in the USA, I moved to Spain where I did my Erasmus exchange programme and learnt Spanish. 3 years later I moved to Colombia where I learnt how to dance bachata, merengue, salsa, reggeaton. I backpacked by myself 7 countries of South America in 2015. In 2016 I moved to Prague where I worked in Spanish speaking tourism for almost a year. In 2018 I went back to Colombia and backpacked whole Central America. And in 2019 I spent two months hitchhiking around the Dominican republic, Puerto Rico and my 30th birthday was celebrated in COLOMBIA.

So yeah, all those years and experiences with Latin culture made me a girl with latino heart.     


Not sure if it was because of my 30th birthday, social pressure or because of simple fact that I spent too many years travelling around without having any strong base anywhere, but I realized I want to settle. I want to make my life more stable. I want to calm down.

I came to this conclusion at the beginning of 2019. It took me couple of months and few harsh personal life temptations but I made it happen. Right now I live in capital of my beautiful country – in BRATISLAVA – and I am trying to adopt myself and my latino spirit into a bit colder Slovak culture.

However, I feel lucky because I am surrounded by great people and also many Colombians living in Bratislava, that is why, I do not miss my life of a traveller that much. Not just yet.



Simple like that. These are the true reasons for my decision to come back to my country. And after 8 years of travelling this is for the first time I really mean it. I really want it. So let´s see what will happen because only TIME will reveal the truth … 🙂

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