Saying GOOD-BYE – The Most Difficult Part of Travelling

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As many things in our life travelling also has its PROS and CONS. Its bright and dark side. Till now I have been writing really nice and positive articles when it comes to travelling. I focused on positive side of travelling. And that is good. But in this article I would like to describe what has been the most difficult part of all my travels. And thus saying       GOOD-BYE …

I am not talking about saying good-bye to our family relatives or friends. Because we know that sooner or later we will see them again. We will come back home and spend amazing time with them again. I am talking about good-byes with people that we meet during travelling. People who come to our lives unexpectedly. Without planning it. People who might have great impact on our lives. People who will always stay in our memories and hearts …

So why is this part the most difficult one for me? Because deeply in my soul I feel that this is the last time I am gonna see these people. Especially when they come from different continent than mine. Well, you may say: “Come on dud, world is too small, you are going to see each other.” And yes it is small, however, out of those hundreds or thousands of people I have met during my travels, I got to see around 20 again. And this is a super small number. Unfortunately, sometimes distance or financial situation won´t allow us to meet again.

I am describing good-byes with people who have had such an impact on your travels that you lose your desire to travel further. That you start thinking of staying. However, deeply in your heart you know (and actually your brain says) that you have to move on. That you have some plans. Some duties. Some commitments. So when you meet such people on travels then it is super difficult to say good-bye …

In the last few years I have met many incredible people. People that I am trying to stay in touch. People that are part of my life. That stay on my mind and in my heart. And I don´t necessarily talk only about BOYS. 😉 Friends, colleagues, new family. People that I would like to see in person, not only through whatsapp or facebook. And every time I had to say good-bye to those people I felt like a piece of my heart stayed with them. I felt heart-broken. And although after some time I look OK, feel better, deeply in my heart I feel that something is not OK. So I start thinking, isn´t it time so settle down? For good?

Trust me, I tried. Few times. Once in Slovakia in 2013. Second time in Czech Republic in 2016. However, my constant active personality doesn´t allow me to settle down. Always after some time I get a feeling I must move. I must continue my travels. Seek for new adventures. And I always say that this time I go without any special plans. I will travel spontaneously. Wherever I feel I want to say, I will stay. But it doesn´t work this way. This time my “spontaneous” travelling was “destroyed” by Canada where I got a working holiday visa for a year and where I have to get until May 2018. Therefore, already at the beginning of my backpacking trip through Central America I knew that I would have only 4 months for this journey. And then I would have to travel to Canada if I don´t want to lose a chance to work in a county where it is difficult to get (with working opportunities and as a Slovak).

And thanks to Murphy´s law (or destiny, coincidence – call it whatever you want) I fell in love with Costa Rica. I have met amazing people which made my stay unforgettable. And which made my good-bye part of travels super difficult (“thanks” guys!). So now I ask myself a question: “Is it OK to go on with my travels? To continue till Canada? And what will happen there? Shouldn´t I have stayed in a country where I could easily get a job in tourism as well? Country full of breathtaking national parks and rainforests? Country with amazing people? And my new friends? In Costa Rica?” My brain says one thing, heart another … And that is one of many reasons why saying good-bye is the most difficult part of my travels …

What do you think about it? Do you have similar experiences? How do you deal with good-byes?

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2 Responses

  • Mille, your wonderful posts always brighten my day. We were just in Porto Limon Costa Rica two weeks ago on the Celebrity Reflection. I wish we could have seen you. We also got to explore Colon Panama and Cartagena Columbia. It is always a sad thing saying good bye to new friends we have met in other countries.
    If you do go to Canada, I wish good luck and hope that you stay warm when winter comes. My father was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and I have been in the maritimes and it is beautiful country.
    Best wishes to you on your next adventure and we look forward to reading your next post!

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