Puerto Princesa – Why NOT to Skip this City of Philippine Palawan Island

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If you decide to explore beauty of the Philippine island Palawan, then for sure you will firstly arrive to its capital – Puerto Princesa. You can get there very cheaply through various domestic airlines such as AirAsia or Cebu. I booked my flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa for 30 euro through skyscanner.

During my travels through Palawan I met many backpackers & travellers who simply passed through Puerto Princesa without staying there at all. And I believe it is a pity because it is worth visiting. I stayed there for 4 days & 4 nights.

3 reasons why you shouldn´t skip Puerto Princesa from your travel itinerary:

  1. If you come to the Philippines in order to learn something about its culture and people, then Puerto Princesa is great city to start with. There are not many tourists and on each corner you get to meet local Philippine people who will open the door to their culture by their friendliness and generosity. During my 4 day stay in Puerto Princesa I got a chance to spend a lot of time with local people who were teaching me their language “tagalog” and were showing me beauty of Puerto Princesa surrounding.

2. If you want to experience one of seven modern wanders of the world, then you must come to Puerto Princesa. It´s all about the longest Underground River in Sabang, about 90 minutes ride from Puerto Princesa. I booked this full day excursion through Northern Hope Tours which was super organized and reliable. And this Underground River was simply breath-taking.

3. If you are interested in unknown beaches untouched by tourism, then you are on right spot in Puerto Princesa. Actually not directly in the city, but around 45 minutes ride by motorcycle you will get to the Nagtabon beach where you find no tourists at all. Crystal sea, white sand and palm trees all over the place.

There are many other reasons why not to skip Puerto Princesa from your itinerary, however, these three are my TOP. Especially the opportunity to meet local people and experience their generosity.

In the following article I am going to give you all practical information which you will need for your first stay in Puerto Princesa. Such as prices of accommodation, excursions, drinks & meals, etc. … Keep following me and you will learn a lot about beauty of the Philippines. And from curiosity, feel free to read about 13 facts which I didn´t know about the Philippines

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