Party in the Woods – (Not only) Czech&Slovak party in Canada which you cannot miss

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Have you already heard about “Party in the Woods”? No?! Then continue reading. Approximately 5 years ago few Slovak guys organized small private party for some Slovak and Czech friends deep in the woods of Squamish (around 90 min car ride from Vancouver, West coast of CANADA). And then in 2016 four Slovak guys Julo, Jaro, Pišta and Andrej organized the first (un)official Party in the Woods for people loving nature and music at the same time. Do you ask why? When exactly and how is it financed? Keep reading and find out more. 🙂

Photo by Roman Bartos


Jaro, Julo, Pišta and Andrej met each other in Canada and they gathered because of the same passion – music and camping. In 2016 they put their heads together and organized the first (un)official Party in the Woods with an aim to create something in the woods for Slovaks and Czechs, and therefore, get them out of the noise of big cities into beautiful nature, where nobody is limited by liquor licence, super expensive drinks and where people can enjoy nature, camping and good music at the same time. The purpose of the Party in the Woods is that people feel comfortable without a need to put any make up or special clothes. Because it is actually a party in the woods. 🙂

And although Party in the Woods is organized by Slovaks, on a place of “old Slovaks” and the whole FB event is shared especially among Slovak and Czech groups, the event is devoted to all nationalities and people who love camping, good music and party. Therefore, on the Party in the Woods you will meet many Slovaks and Czechs but at the same time many other people from different countries, including Canada.


As I already mentioned, Party in the Woods is organized pretty deep in the woods of Squamish, it could be around 25 km from the main highway of Squamish. The road gets pretty bumpy and you won´t get any reception on your phone (you don´t want to get into car engine troubles haha). Regarding the place itself, it is a place where “old Slovaks” used to meet up in 1950s and 60s. People from all over Canada and the USA used to come here, gather, camp and sing Czech-Slovak songs. At the entrance you will find few totems build by the “old Slovaks” with inscriptions like “freedom, peace”. So the organizers chose very carefully place for the Party in the Woods.

The fist unofficial event was organized 5 years ago, only for few friends. However, the first official Party in the Woods was organized in 2016 when around 100 people participated. The organizers try to make Party in the Woods twice a year. The main one in July and the second in September when weather is still ok. I had a chance to participate only in one Party in the Woods, and thus this year 2018 on the 7th of July when around 350 people arrived.


There is no entrance fee for the party. It´s for free! However, someone has to pay for technical equipment, DJs, etc, right? Where is the money coming from? Believe it or not, but the organizers (Jaro, Julo, Pišta and Andrej) finance it from their own pocket. They all work as DJs and pay all the technical equipment by themselves. Year by year satisfied participants of the Party in the Woods have a chance to contribute (it´s complimentary), however, it barely happened that the costs would be fully covered. Therefore, if you think that boys are doing great work and want to help them, feel free and donate through e-transfer na, TD Canada, Julian Vaksmundsky.

The next Party in the Woods will take place in September 2018. Who will join them?? I will for sure. 🙂

I recommend to click on the video link from Black Tusk Productions and have a look how Party in the Woods looks like.

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