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Partnership with travel blog MiliMundo

Adventure travel blog MiliMundo came into existence during summer 2016 with the aim to inspire as many people as possible to travel to places which are not the typical vacation destination. To places such as Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil or Thailand.

The author and founder of MiliMundo blog is a Slovak Milada Konecna who would be described by her friends as a spontaneous, crazy and travel-addicted girl. The aim of the blog MiliMundo is not only to inspire people and spread travel education but also provide with high quality travel information from the first hand. Information on itineraries, budget, planning, accommodation, flight tickets, excursions, insurance. Information on everything that not only solo travelling includes.

Travel blog MiliMundo is a portal not only for Slovak and Czech readers but also for foreign readers, as the author writes authentic articles in two languages, in English and in Slovak.

The big adventurous journey of MiliMundo starts in November 2017 and includes countries such as:

The United Kingdom (London)

Philippines (probably Palawan, Coron, Busuanga, Manila surrounding)

→    Colombia

Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala)




The aim of this journey is to point out that even female solo travelling can be done in the destinations which are not easily accessible and that it is possible to travel safely, cheaply and adventurously at the same time. Blog MiliMundo will describe experiences from travels on daily basis, integration with local people and provide information in which the readers are interested. That is why a new project CHALLENGE MILIMUNDO is about to come into existence where readers will have a chance to challenge Milada in each travelled country. The type of challenge will depend on the creativity of the readers. 🙂


Milada will be grateful for any type of collaboration or sponsorship in the area of travelling and tourism which would help her blog, especially its readers and sponsors as such.

Possibilities of collaboration are following:

→ reviews of products, excursions and trips

→ press trips organized by travel agencies and tourist boards

→ links in the existing articles

→ writing of PR articles

→ public speaking on topics such as solo female travelling, working on cruise ships

→ you have more ideas?? → email me on


MiliMundo will promote its partners in her posts & articles, facebook, instagram and twitter accounts and will help them with advertising as such. Of course, partners must provide high quality service in the area of tourism.  

Milada realizes that her blog is not as famous as other popular travel blogs such as Expert Vagabond, Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler or Travel Freak but she strongly believes that it will change soon thanks to her enthusiasm and honest diligence.

The current state (September 2017) of MiliMundo facebook followers is around 1500, instagram over 500 and the number subscribers of MiliMundo newsletter is over 120.

Most readers of MiliMundo are at the age 25 – 34 and 65% of MiliMundo readers are women with the interest to travel and get inspired by travelling.

Based on Google Analytics to the first 5 TOP countries the readers come from belong Slovakia, Czech Republic, the USA, the UK and Germany.

Milada and her blog MiliMundo became a centre of the attention for a while in Slovak TV broadcast REFLEX, at the Slovak portal DOBRODRUH.SK, in Slovak magazines and Dubai Metro Newspapers. Milada also had the opportunity of public speaking about her travels through South America at the biggest travel festival of the Czech Republic Kolem Sveta. Also in Slovak capital Bratislava in front of 250 people. And in smaller Slovak cities such as Sered and Kosice.

In case you would be interested in becoming MiliMundo´s partners or sponsors, or you know someone who would be, please CONTACT MILIMUNDO NOW or DONATE for Milada´s big adventurous journey with a project CHALLENGE MILIMUNDO.

Milada is already grateful for any kind of support which will help her fulfill her yet another big travel dream and thus help her readers get to know distant exotic places thanks to Milimundo.