Contact of MiliMundo

Hey everyone, I’m happy to get questions from my readers, read and also reply your comments, therefore, do not hesitate and contact me via comments on posts or on my email: or Also find me, like me and/or … Read More

TEREZIN – fortress with a terrible past

 Only one hour outside of Prague, capital of Czech Republic, lies TEREZIN, a sleepy little country town which hides many secrets. Secrets which include a terrible past of the Second World War. Secrets which reveal true face of Nazi work … Read More

Taste of Colombian COFFEE

When mentioning COLOMBIA, most people (especially non-travellers) think of negative things. Such as danger, cocaine, smuggling. However, we – travellers, we know that Colombia is not only famous for being one of the most friendly nations of the planet, for … Read More

Secrets of Ecuadorian AMAZONIA

Amazonia – South American rainforest full of beauty, secrets, dangers. Who would like to explore it? Amazonia or the Amazon jungle which covers most of the Amazon basin of South America, represents over half of the planet´s remaining rainforests. I … Read More

Guide at Stag Parties in Prague

Who wouldn´t like to have a job that makes him/her happy!? Well, the one I have – being a guide for stag parties in Prague, makes me definitely happy. Read about such job and find out whether you would like it, too. … Read More

How to avoid psychopaths on couchsurfing

In the world of couchsurfing there can be some people who want to harm others. However if you use couchsurfing with common sense and you choose right CS hosts, you may have the best time of your travelling. … Read More

Latin indigenous people

Latin indigenous people Real backpacking will not only teach you a lot about yourself but about cultures of other countries from completely different perspective. My backpacking through South America taught me a lot about local people, Latin indigenous tribes, their … Read More


Who doesn´t love watching sunsets? That incredible moment when sun goes beyond the horizon and you feel something that cannot be fully described … During my travels I got opportunity to experience some incredible sunsets and I would like to … Read More

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Isla del Sol or Island of the Sun is the biggest island of the lake Titicaca (with correct pronunciation “titichacha”) which is located between two South American countries – Peru and Bolivia. Island of the Sun is part of Bolivia … Read More

THAILAND – itinerary for 3 weeks

Thailand – country of controversy and of breathaking islands and beaches. Have a look at my 3 week itinerary and at variety of possibilities which this country offers. … Read More