Accidents while Travelling – Best Stories to Tell

There is a saying: “Mistakes are sometimes the best memories”. And I would like to apply this saying into my article with one correction – “Accidents are sometimes the best memories”. Or the best stories to tell. But once something happens, it doesn´t seem to be that much fun at that time. Thanks God, time flies and time heals all bruises, right?… Read More

Banos de Agua Santa – Paradise on Earth

Each country has its unique places. Places which will take your breath away once you get into. Places which you consider to be your paradise on Earth. Ecuador has such a place for me – town called Banos de Agua Santa. … Read More

Confession of Solo Female Traveller

Is it safe for women to travel alone? Isn´t it too risky to travel without company of a man or group of friends? Open the article and find out my opinion, my personal experience and some basic rules for safe solo travelling.… Read More

Guatape & Stairs to Heaven

Close to Colombian town Guatape there is a rock called Piedra del Penol which gives you the opportunity to experience breath-taking views and touch the sky… … Read More


Dear fellow readers, I have recently added possibility of DONATE button and in this small section I would like to explain why I did so. As most of you know, I work/worked/will work VERY HARD in order to afford to travel. … Read More