My first serious troubles with police OR how police in Nicaragua misused its power

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I have heard many bad things about police all over the world, many bad jokes about police officers, but honestly I have never had any personal experience with police. Until I came to Leon, town of Nicaragua which is located not far away from the borders with Honduras. So what happened?  

On my supposedly last day in Nicaragua in town Leon I got into truly unpleasant troubles with local police officers which without any serious reason physically attacked my new friends. My friends from Honduras and Salvador. Not only they attacked one of them, they also took them to police station and arrested them (for drinking alcohol and smoking weed according to the police which was NOT TRUTH but who can argue with police, right?!) I can claim that whole thing was a result of brutal racist and national discrimination of Nicaraguan police towards other Latin American nationals! Especially to the ones from Salvador and Honduras.

After this incident I was taken to the police station as well so the police officers could have taken my phone and deleted video which I made as an evidence of its cruelty!

Would you believe it??? This is how police in Nicaragua works! And this is how police in Nicaragua misused its power and also violated MY rights. But this is not everything… Next 24 hours I tried to make everything possible so police would release my friends. However, there was no one to talk to. Nobody wanted to talk to me, explain me anything. They were sending me from one police station to another like a monkey. I felt destroyed! Exhausted! Frustrated! Helpless! All changed after almost 24 hours when I finally was able to talk to the main commissioner who released boys after I explained him everything already with the tears. However before that he made sure to scare me out of hell by telling me that I am being arrested for providing false information! Of course it was a joke!! Joke?!?! Really? I am still angry about it … You can´t imagine level of the adrenaline in my blood on that day …

With this article I would like to point how sometimes police can be cruel, unjust and immoral. Taking innocent people to the custody, attack them physically and violate our human rights … This shouldn´t happen anywhere in the world! Police should NOT misuse its power. Police should help! Unfortunately, this was NOT the case of police in Nicaragua during my stay there … 🙁

Have you ever had similar experience??? What do you think about this case MiliMundo readers??  

The following videos were taken by local people who passed me it through whatsapp so I can share it further to show how police officers in Leon are cruel and unjust! Please note that those videos are not suitable for all eyes … 

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3 Responses

  • Milli, great reporting on how police can misuse their power. Very sad your friends were jailed and how good of you to see it through and free them.
    Safe travels to you.

    • Thanks Muffy! It was really harsh experience but another great life lesson. Thanks for following my blog and supporting me. 🙂

  • hola Mili, soy saul de Guatemala…. es lamentable que la policia en lugar de ayudar a las personas las trate como una mierda, lamento que hallas tenido que ver ese mal espisodio en tu viaje por centro america… espero tu estancia en Guatemala sea muy agradable y no con incidentes como el de Leon Nicargaua….. Saludos..

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