Mountain range of Western Tatras in Slovakia in one day

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The very first week of September 2020 I decided to hike a mountain range of Western Tatras with my friends from the Czech republic. In this article you will find especially photos from our 10 hour hike which was super exhausting but because of its beauty, it took our breath away many times ….
Unfortunately we were not able to finish it all because of the weather conditions (a lot of fog, mist) however it was still worth it.

At the beginning the weather was amazing, sunny… We were climbing rocks up and down, also using some chains. We reached 6 peaks of Western Tatras out of 10 which were planned. To the peaks we reached belong: Brestová, Satatín, Spálená, Baníkov, Hrubá kopa & Tri Kopy.


Time: 10 and half hours
Total length: 20km
Total elevation: over 1600m
Peaks: Brestová, Salatín, Spálená, Baníkov, Hrubá Kopa, Tri Kopy
Level of exhaustion: maximal 😀
Would I repeat it? ABSOLUTELY YES! 🙂

In addition to this article, I would like to add another one where I describe how I hike up the highest peak of Slovak mountains – GERLACH.

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