How to visit 3 countries within 10 seconds in Slovak mountains

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Once upon a time an adventurous traveller called Mili decided to explore the beauty of Eastern part of Slovakia. Far East of her homeland. A national park called Poloniny which hides a peak called Kremenec. A peak which connects three countries. Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine.

Where exactly is KREMENEC?

Kremenec is located in Stužický forest which is an official part of UNESCO world heritage and at the same time it represents the highest peak of Bukovské hills with an altitude of 1221 meters. It belongs to one of nine national parks of Slovakia – Poloniny – and the starting point for a full day hike is from the most Eastern village of Slovakia called “Nová Sedlica”.

From Nová Sedlica we followed a red hiking path with a total elevation of 1000 meters. Yeah, it sometimes took our breath away and we got a bit sweaty.

At the top of Kremenec you will find a memorial statue which connects three countries – Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. Therefore, you can actually be in three different countries in less than ten seconds.

My personal impressions on Kremenec hike

It was a full day hike. It took us around 90 min driving from my home town to get to Nová Sedlica and around 8 hours of hiking in the woods of Poloniny national park. We spent all day hiking and enjoying complete peace not being interrupted by anyone. It was maybe because of the fact that Poloniny is pretty far away from the main tourist spots in Slovakia or maybe because of COVID-19 situation when more people stay inside than outside hiking. But as a result we could enjoy this hike without any crowds of other people which was super cool.

Although there were almost no views during this trip, no breathtaking lakes or adrenaline ladder climbing, it was still a quite unique hike. Just tell me, when can you get to three different countries in less than ten seconds? 🙂   

Do you know any other places in the world that connect three or more countries together? If yes, which are they? Could you write them down in the comments below?

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  • Upútavo opísaný Kremenec.
    MiliMundo páči sa mi ako krásne nám ukazuješ krásy Slovenska ?
    Dávaš nám návrhy na krásnu turistiku spätú s prírodou. Prajem veľa cestovateľských zážitkov a dobrodružstiev.

    • Yeah, me and my family are all OK and actually situation in Slovakia is getting better 🙂 Hopefully, you are also doing fine, or even great 🙂

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