How to hike and enjoy Jánošíkove diery and Veľký Rozsutec in Slovak national park Malá Fatra

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Jánošíkove diery belong to Slovak national park Malá Fatra and I decided to do some hiking in here with a quite big group of friends and we were afraid of getting stuck and waiting on ladders on the trail. In this article I am bringing you useful tips and tricks for this hike in order to enjoy it to the fullest.


Jánošíkove Diery or The holes of famous Slovak hero Jánošík consist of three parts – Upper, Lower and New Holes. They actually represent crast area of canyons, tides, water twists and so called “gigantic pots” – hollows in the rock made by overall of the water and stones.  Various rock columns, cliffs, natural rock walls, steep valleys and canyons are attractions for many visitors of Malá Fatra national park. And erosive activity of Dierový Stream has created visually attractive and deep crast canyons of Jánošíkove Diery.


Starting point is from a village Terchová, Biely potok – Hotel Diery, where you have to pay 5 euro  for a full day parking.

Our trail was following: Biely Potok – Ostrvne (from here via yellow through New Holes) – Podžiar (from here via blue through Upper Holes) – Pod Pálenicou – Pod Tesnou Rizňou (from here via green ALTHOUGH I recommend to go via blue first and then come back via green because of the terrain) – Pod Tanečnicou – Sedlo Medzirozsutce – Veľký Rozsutec

The first twenty minutes from “Medzirozsutce we hiked via red and the terrain was pretty steep, then there was a better trail with nice views and almost at the end there was another steep terrain till we reached a peak “Veľký Rozstutec with the altitude 1610m”. We went back down similar way, however from “Podžiar” we went via blue in order to go through Lower Holes, too.


Timing of this hike is very important especially if you don´t want to spend a lot of time waiting in the line for ladders and chains.  I recommend to start this hike before 8am of any day – the best already around 6 am in order to avoid masses of other people. We started our hike around 7:50 on Saturday and there were some parts of the “Holes” where we had to wait for a while.


As always, for this hike we packed some homemade food and sandwiches but at the end of the hike we couldn´t resist some local traditional meals. You have a chance to eat something on “Koliba Podžiar” with an amazing atmosphere, however, you can pay only cash over there. Therefore, we decided to eat our late lunch at the hotel Diery and I can say – meals there were delicious with good prices.

Plate of traditional Slovak meal “bryndzové halušky” cost 6,50 euro.

SUMMARY of the whole HIKE

Length: 14km

Time: 8 hours

Total elevation: 1200m

Difficulty level: intermediate
For me the best part of this hike was a peak Veľký Rozsutec with breathtaking views and Upper Holes with many ladders and waterfalls.

So what do you say about Jánošíkove Diery and Veľký Rozsutec? Worth visiting?

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