How much money I spent in Colombia in 15 days

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My new adventure journey across Latin America (actually my journey n. 2) began on the 9th of January, 2018 and I decided to update you about my financial situation on this journey. How much money I spend in each travelled country, which travel item will be the most expensive and on the contrary which will be the cheapest one.

My plan (but plan can change) was to start in Colombia and finish in Canada. In between I would like to travel through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico. This article focuses on my financial budget for Colombia as this was my first country.


In 15 days and 15 nights in the Caribbean part of Colombia I spent in total 203 euro (with exchange rate to the 1st of February, 2018). You can also read about my itinerary for Caribbean coast of Colombia HERE.

Colombian peso (COP) is the main currency in Colombia, 1 euro is approximately 3500 pesos. In 15 days I spent exactly 712 000 pesos, out of which 12 000 COP was the local fee for ATM withdrawal.


ACCOMMODATION —– 50 000 COP (14 euro)

– my accommodation was almost for free at all places as I have many friends in Colombia, in case i didn´t have friends on certain places I searched for couchsurfing hosts

TRANSPORT —– 322 100 COP (92 euro)

I travelled mainly by buses, once I tried hitchhiking (you can read about this experience HERE)

FOOD & DRINKS —– 254 900 COP (73 euro)

most of the time I ate street food, I cooked and from time to time I went for nice dinner to restaurant

EXTRA —– 85 000 (24 euro)

phone card, credit, souvenirs, entrances, tips, etc …

To sum up, in 15 days and 15 nights in Colombia I spent only 203 euro – 712 000 COP and I was able to keep such amount of budget mainly because I didn´t pay for my accommodation.

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