From the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico by Ferry

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It was almost a month in the Dominican Republic and we started thinking where to go next. We wanted to explore other Caribbean islands, however, flights were super expensive. Even more than back to Europe. So we decided to explore other options and found out that there is a possibility to book a ferry from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. And this article will contain all useful information about this journey. Hopefully, you will find it useful and inspirational.


I booked ferry tickets to Puerto Rico through website Direct Ferries for 100 dollars per person. It was through company called Ferries del Caribe which is the only one providing this service.

The ticked included only a journey and evening entertainment (live music, stand up comedy, domino game). Our ticket didn´t include accommodation, therefore, we spent night in a public area.

Prices per cabin vary between 55 and 85 dollars depending on comfort and luxury of the cabin. Dinner costs 19 dollars and breakfast 9 dollars.

There was also a possibility to buy some drinks and cocktails and souvenirs in gift shop.


Ferry leaves  Don Diego terminal in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic and after 13 hours it arrives to Pan American Pier in San Juan, Puerto Rico which is located near Old San Juan and Miramar.

Our huge ferry in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic


Our ferry from Ferries del Caribe reminded me a huge ocean cruise ship with six floors. Three serving as garages and three serving for passengers. Cabins were located on two floors. There were two bars, two types of restaurants and a patio on upper deck of the ferry.

There was also a kid´s corner and a gift shop for souvenirs. For people without booked cabins (like us) there were also public showers and toilets.

In public areas there have been also some comfortable sofas and chairs where we could sleep and relax.

Electric outlet was of a European style as the ferry was Greek.

Bar with night entertainment
Public area
Public area where we actually slept


We were pretty controlled already during check in at ferry terminal in Santo Domingo. At check in they required from us a printed version of ESTA, exact address of our stay in Puerto Rico, outbound ticket from Puerto Rico and payment of 20 dollars – country´s exit fee.

Subsequently, our luggage was scanned and we passed through immigration control where our printed ESTA was taken away together with already filled in immigration form. After that we showed our passports and boarding passes twice or three times to different people and we finally could board the ferry.

On board of the ferry we could do our immigration scan for Puerto Rico thanks to the available machines. After disembarkation in San Juan we passed through immigration control without any strict questions or complications. They didn´t even stamp our passports.


Company: Ferries del Caribe

Price: 100 dollars per person per journey only

Length: 13 hours

From where to where: Don Diego terminal, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic – Pan American Pier terminal in San Juan in Puerto Rico  

So what do you say about this ferry ride? Would you try it or would you prefer flight option?

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7 Responses

  • Thanks for the review! Did they do the crazy fingerprinting with the automated passport control that they do at the airport in the Dominican Republic? Or was it it just the taking a picture? They always have a problem with me and my prints…had injury and it sometimes can’t capture….which ends up taking a lot of extra wasted time.

  • If you slept overnight in the Public Area, where did you store your luggage?
    Were the bathrooms clean?

    • My luggage was only one backpack so kept it with me during the night 🙂 and bathrooms were nice, there were even public showers 🙂

  • How can I realize my dream in this endlessly yearning journey? Pray for god bless ?
    My wife is Thai. I have been in Thailand for more than three years and want to go to the picturesque Puerto Rico to watch a tourist holiday. I ask kind people to help realize our dreams?

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