Cruise Diary Part 4 – Accidents & Unpleasant Situations on Hell Ship

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Since the first day onboard of my hell ship in Portugal I have had feeling that this won´t be my dream ship. In the second part of my cruise diary I mentioned WHY but in this article I would like to add some extra “funny” details which made my stay in Portugal a bit more unpleasant.

Sharing cabin with 3 other girls – that´s not very pleasant at all …

Accidents & Unpleasant Situations on Hell Ship

– on my 3rd day I had a small accident when I fell down on wet floor and hit my face and hand on shelf in freezer – as a result I had grazes and bruises on my right part of face and hand – how smart am I, right?!

– approximately day after I broke 6 plates which fell down on my feet – I limped at least two more days afterwards

– during my first week I cut myself several times, either during polishing of cutlery or by breaking wine glasses –  now my hands look like hands of the biggest fighter

burning your fingers on cruise ships is a common thing – especially if you work as a waiter in restaurant – our hot plates have sometimes more than 70 degrees and even napkins cannot avoid such burn mark – my fingers and hands are great evidence of that

– during my 2nd week onboard I received very low tips from the guests – and not only it wasn´t a lot but I was able to lose these tips the same day – how lucky am I?! 😀

– during my 3rd week onboard I came to restaurant for dinner service without my work I-phone – I lost it or somebody stole it from me – the fee for loosing I-phone was 250 euro – I couldn´t sleep all night long because of that – fortunately it was found day after – but trust me such stress is not needed onboard of this ship 😀

– a week before my “planned” return to previous ship, my tooth fell out – I still haven´t visited any dentist as I am afraid of them (waaay too much) and I hope I will survive with this till my first vacation back home in Slovakia in order to fix it with my dentist (should be in July)

– last but not the least (hopefully last) – I fell down the stairs in a way that my whole left part of body is grazed with bruises all over the body – fortunately I didn´t break any bones

Just small part of my grazes and bruises on my hand …
My (hopefully) last accident onboard – falling down the stairs …

Maybe some of you will say that these unpleasant moments are simple banalities, however, trust me that it wasn´t for me that time. Work on cruise ships may be very exhausting. Working 10 – 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, weeks/months straight without day off is simply tough. Not only physically but especially mentally. And when such situations or accidents will happen to you like the ones which happened to me, then the life onboard doesn´t seem to be a dream life at all.

However, everything happens for a reason, right?!

Each situation can be a great life lesson. And from each unpleasant situation something nice or positive can be found. But everything depends on our point of view, out perception and attitude. Although I DO sometimes feel like in hell on this ship, I still have found many positive things and met great people. And I even summarized all these pluses into one article which you can find HERE. 🙂

PS: I have already booked my flight back to Amsterdam on 7th of June. Keep fingers crossed for me so nothing will change and I will get back to my previous ship as planned. 🙂

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