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Nowadays there are XY travel blogs and there are many blogs being created day by day. And therefore, I decided to sum up why I created my blog a year and half ago and what the main aim of my MiliMundo is. And all of it in a form of confession. In a form of questions & answers.

Was becoming a travel blogger always your dream?

Not at all. At the beginning of 2015 I didn´t even know what blog actually meant, so I couldn´t even imagine to become a blogger once in the future. However, as time passed and I was living in Colombia, Indian colleague of mine asked me why I don´t write about my travel experiences as already a fully-experienced traveller. As a result of her question, I managed to create my very first wordpress type blog called Mili Travel Adventures.

How and when did you create your MiliMundo?

After 6 months from my travels through South America, already living in Prague, my uncle asked me whether I didn´t want to improve my travel blog skills and buy my own domain. As I was (still am) completely inexperienced and uneducated in the area of “technical” issues, my uncle bought a domain for me with a name MiliMundo in June 2016. Name which I was choosing carefully and with patience for few days, advising with my best friends at the same time.

So why the name MiliMundo?

I wanted my blog to sound and look like personal and at the same time travel related. So I made up name MiliMundo hoping that my future readers will have a basic knowledge of Spanish. 🙂

“Mili” has been my nickname for more than 10 years and “mundo” means world in Spanish. So MiliMundo can be translated as World of Mili – World full of Adventure, Travelling and Getting to Know the World – especially of Latin America.      


What is the primary aim of MiliMundo?

Inspire, help & motivate. My MiliMundo tries to point out that world is not as dangerous as many people think and that travelling is not that expensive. MiliMundo tries to demonstrate that it is possible to travel the world safely, cheaply & adventurously at the same time. Even for solo female traveller.

How is your blog MiliMundo different compared to other blogs?

Every blog has its own style and is kind of unique. My blog is trying to focus on open-minded travellers who seek for adventures and thanks to my journey they can experience a world full of craziness and adrenaline. My way of life is different than the majority of people have, and I believe that this is one of many reasons why my blog is different from the others.

Besides the articles on South America, my Milimundo also focuses on life and work on cruise ships as I have some experience working on river cruise ships though Europe. And I have noticed there are only few bloggers writing about way of life onboard of cruise ships.

To sum up, my MiliMundo is based on honesty, openness, directness & personal experience from my crazy and sometimes less crazy travels around the world.

Are you planning to monetize your MiliMundo? 

Although this is not the main aim of my MiliMundo, I would be more than happy to be able to cover my expenses and costs of living by work on my blog. I don´t belong to lazy women. I know how to make my hands dirty and work 7 days a week, months straight without  a day off. And I believe that there is always a work if a man is truly looking for it. But if my passion & hobby (aca my MiliMundo blog) helped me get some nice salary, then it would be one of many fulfilled dreams I would like to achieve once in the future.

Motto of Milimundo?

Life is too short not to be fully happy. Therefore, do in your life whatever makes YOU happy. Be surrounded by people who you love and live fully with no regrets!

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