Coming from crazy Latin America to civilised Canada – How is it?

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I have been to Latin America twice. For the first time back in 2015 when I spent 8 months in South America and for the second time this year 2018 when I spent 4 months in Central America. So all together one full year of Latin American adventures. And after each journey I came back to “civilised” world. In 2015 I returned to Europe and this year I travelled directly to Canada where I got a working holiday visa. So how do I perceive such change? What was the first thing I have noticed? What surprised me about Canada? Or what discouraged me about Canada? How was my first impression? What is the biggest difference between Latin and Canadian culture? So this article will answer all these questions … 🙂


It might sound like a trivial issue but trust me that I needed some time to get to used to a fact that in Canada you can throw used toilet paper directly to toilet and not to the bin. Almost in the whole Latin America you have to throw used toilet paper to the bin. It is written in all public bathrooms, in hostels, hotels … And you simply do it if you don´t want to experience a toilet disaster. 😀 And back in civilised Canada you can forget about such an issue. Back to real life, civilised one. Used toilet paper directly to toilet. 😉


Latin America is so popular for drugs, including marihuana. But trust me that during my time there I had never seen what I have seen here in Canada. In Canada, or at least in Vancouver, you can buy marihuana freely in certain shops without any troubles. And not only buy like buy, the sale assistant will help you choose the best one. Or his/her favourite one. Would you believe it? Such things don´t happen in Latin America, but in Canada yes? And till now, marihuana is still not legalized … Unbelievable!


In Latin America I was meeting only “latinos”. Few foreigners from time to time. I moved to Vancouver 6  weeks ago but meeting Canadians here is a rarity. I got to meet plenty of Asians, Indians, Slovaks, Czechs, Mexicans, Irish, … But meeting 100% Canadians looks like a mission impossible. 😀 Vancouver is a large metropolitan city, a magnet for immigrants with working visa. I get it. But this still doesn´t explain a fact why it is so super difficult to meet some Canadians here. Maybe I am just not on a right spot at right time… :/


And when I finally met some Canadians (thanks to my work), I must admit that surprisingly Canadians made great first impression on me. They are super friendly and willing to help you if you ask for it. It even happened to me few times that after I asked for a direction, they took me where I needed to get. And Canadians are nice BUT they are not “latinos”. They simply don´t have this “latino” blood. Energy. Never ending smile on their faces like “latinos” do. It is difficult to explain myself to people who have never met any “latinos”. Those who do, they for sure understand me perfectly. Apart of that, Canadians work a lot. Many of them have two jobs. It is super complicated to settle a meeting time for them as they are always busy. On the contrary, “latinos” have time for everything. Especially for their friends and family. 🙂

I simply love “latinos” 🙂

I believe I could go on and on in this topic but who would like to read so much, right? 😉 Truth is that I have come back to “civilised” world where every street has its correct name and is perfectly marked. Where used toiled paper is thrown directly to toilet. Where sink water can be drunk. Where all bars and restaurants have their hostesses which will show you your seat. Where drivers stop in the middle of the road so you can pass (this would never ever happen in Latin America haha)… And this is all very nice BUT I am not sure whether it is for me. I have been in Canada only a short time  but I already miss crazy adventures of Latin America. Even those crazy fast suicidal chicken buses. So let´s give it some time and see where my future steps will take me. Because not everything in our life can be planned, right? 🙂

What do you think about this article my MiliMundo readers? Could you understand how I feel?

Normal transportation in Nicaragua 🙂
And the one in Vancouver 🙂

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Coming from crazy Latin America to civilised Canada – How is it?
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2 Responses

  • Latinská amerika je super, ale po zivote tam sa tam vraciam len na dovolenku. Vsetko prilis komplikovane. Na spinu si clovek zvykne, aj ma studenu nepitnu vodu, aj na cokolvek ine, ale kombo vsetkeho je naozaj len na dovcu. Radsej vyjdem z pohody do chaosu ako naopak. Alebo som uz stary chuj 😂

    • Haha krásne si to napísal a úplne chápem. Život tam určite nie je ľahký, človek musí byť extrémne trpezlivý a flexibilný, ale ľudia tam stoja za to. 🙂 No a Kanada je tiež fajn, uvidíme ako sa mi tu bude páčiť po pár mesiacoch, teraz som tu zatiaľ krátko.

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