Budget for my 15 Day Road Trip across Canadian YUKON & ALASKA

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In my previous article I summed up 15 day itinerary across Yukon & Alaska. In this one I will describe in more details how much money I spent during these 15 days. I have also written similar article about budget for 10 day trip to Canadian Rockies. Click HERE to read more about it. Hopefully, you will find both articles useful and inspirational.

Following prices will be mentioned either in CAD or US dollars, depending on exact location. Whether BC, Yukon or Alaska.


It was four of travelling therefore cost for gas and camps were split equally between four.

Camping fees

During our 15 day road trip we never book any campsite in advance. We always found a suitable campground on a spot without any difficulties. And we travelled during high season (July 2019). Prices per camps are marked per spot which usually allows one vehicle and two tents. Let´s say that price per camp is $32 – divided by 4 if you travel with 3 other people makes it only $8 per person per night. 🙂

1st camp – MEZIADIN in Northern BC – $22 CAD per night (stayed 1)

2nd camp – Robert Service Campground in Whitehorse – $26,30 CAD per night (stayed 2)

3rd camp – Rushgold Campground in Dawson City – $30,50 CAD per night (stayed 2)

4th camp – Chena Campground in Fairbanks – $20 US per night (stayed 1)

5th camp – Midnight Sun Campground in Healy – $21,50 US per night (stayed 2)

6th camp – Williwaw Campground close to Whittier – $18 US per night (stayed 2)

7th camp – Bayside Campground in Valdez – $35 US per night (stayed 2)

8th camp – Kluane RV in Haines Junction – free – not working anymore (stayed 1)

Pretty solid, right?? 🙂

Tours & Excursions

I am not a big fan of commercial excursions but from time to time they are really worth it. In Yukon I haven´t taken any (besides gold panning in Dawson City but that one was actually for fee, we just rented a proper equipment for few bucks). However, in Alaska I have taken two excursions while one of them was truly worth it and second one not that much.

In Denali National Park I paid for entrance and 8 hour bus drive to Eielson Visitor Centre $58 US. I didn´t like it because weather was cloudy, kind of rainy and we were not able to see the highest mountain of North America – Mount Mc. Kinley …

In Valdez I took a boat excursion to the second largest glacier in North America – COLUMBIA glacier – and it was awesome! I paid $130,50 US and went there through Lulu Belle local agency and the tour was simply amazing. Glacier, ice bergs, killer whales, dolphins, otters, sea lions – all included! 🙂


Car rental : $0 (car of our friends)

Gas: $1400 ($350 per person) per 10 000km

Camping fees: $376 ($94 per person)

Food & drinks: $330 (my part only)

Excursions: $250 (my part only)

Other: $102 (souvenirs, gifts, etc …)

MY PART after splitting everything as agreed: $ 1126

So my dear MiliMundo readers, in 15 days of exploring Canadian YUKON & ALASKA I spent $1126 Canadian dollars which I find pretty OK. It could be done in cheaper or more expensive way, but as I always mention, how much we spend on travels depends solely on us and our way of travelling.

Sometimes simplicity is the best … 🙂 Our typical camping dinner 🙂

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