Being 30 years old from the traveller´s perspective

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It´s been almost 2 months since I celebrated my 30th birthday.

And with that I started feeling depressed a bit. How is that? Nowadays, our society tells you  what you are supposed to do or be at certain age. And in my age I am supposed to have a husband, kids or at least a loving partner. Career and well paid job. Own apartment, house or at least a car. And what do I have in my 30s?! Nothing!  

Nothing besides 30 years of experiences which could fit into at least 10 lives.

The best years of my youth (well I am still young, at least I feel so!) I have spent exactly in a way as I wanted. I experienced adventure by adventure and some of the BEST memories will be described in this article so I can remind myself that my life is simply awesome in spite of the fact I have nothing from above mentioned list of our society …  

So what have I done? Experienced? Achieved?

➡ I have surrounded myself with people and family who love me wherever I am in the world

➡ I have visited around 40 countries and lived in at least 10 of them for more than 3 months

➡ I perfectly learn English and Spanish and survived with my knowledge of German, Greek and Portuguese

➡ Party, sex & rock&roll have been (from time to time) my best friends during university times

➡ I worked as a jet-ski instructor at children´s camp in the USA and experienced real face of Miami (parties, beaches, alcohol)

➡ I worked as a modern slave on river cruises where I got a perfect life lesson and met one of the most amazing people in my life

➡ I backpacked solo through almost every country of Latin America with couchsurfing

➡ I taught English at university in Colombia where I met people who changed my way of thinking in many aspects of my life

➡ I volunteered in various travel agencies in Ecuador and Costa Rica

➡ I fulfilled my kid´s dream and visited Machu Picchu in Peru

➡ I met indigenous tribes of Amazon jungle and let a small indigenous girl paint my face with an ink which was permanent for almost 2 weeks

➡ I did bungee jumping from almost 100m high bridge in Baños de Agua Santa

➡ I was enjoying breathtaking sunsets in Rio de Janeiro from the sugar loaf mountain and at the same time drinking delicious caipiriñha

➡ I climbed Guatemalan volcano Acatenango and observed still active volcano of fire with exploding lava eruption

➡ I did a volcano boarding from Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

➡ I ended up in XY hospitals because of attacks from various little bastards such as spiders, red ants, mosquito, … (ok, this isn´t something I should be happy about BUT what didn´t kill me, it literally made me stronger)

➡ For few days I lived on a small, isolated and private island in the Philippines completely for free and snorkelled around the whole island

➡ I learned about Buddhism in a Buddhist temple in Thailand

➡ I saw with my proper eyes so called vagina ping pong show in Bangkok (well, I would be better without seeing it 😀 )

➡ I did an extremely long (km wise) road trip to Alaska from Vancouver and drove around 10 000 km within 15 days

➡ I fell in love with Canadian nature where I lived for around 15 months

➡ I hitchhiked by myself Hawaiian island Kauai and experienced unforgettable sunsets

➡ I climbed up the highest peak of Slovak mountains with no view at the end because of fog, however with great feeling of success

➡ I experienced short term but passionate romances on my travels around the world (I could write a book about it haha)

➡ I fell in love and let myself felt loved

➡ I inspired thousands of people around Slovakia and Czechia thanks to my travel public speaking

➡ I created my own website and travel blog MiliMundo which tries to inspire people to travel more and experience unexperienced

➡ I wrote my first e-book “Alone across Latin America”

And a lot, lot more … But who wants to read so much? 🙂  

The point of this article is the fact that it doesn´t matter how old we are and what the society or people in our surrounding are telling us. Important is to do in our life what makes us happy. Whatever it is. Because life is too short not to be fully happy. 🙂

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