BACALAR – Have you Heard about this Mexican Lagoon of 7 Colours??

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You haven´t?? It´s OK. I had no idea about its existence till couchsurfing hosts started writing me to come to their place. They wanted to show a paradise on Earth called BACALAR. And because I was travelling from Guatemala to Mexico through Belize, Bacalar was on the way. So why not? I didn´t hesitate a lot and I made my very first stop in Mexico in a town called Bacalar. Town surrounded by breathtaking lagoon of seven colours …

BACALAR & its lagoon of seven colours

Bacalar is a small quiet place in the South of Mexican state Quintana Roo which is surrounded by amazing lagoon. Lagoon of seven colours. Its crystal clear colour, actually seven shades of blue colour is a result of white sand at the bottom of the lagoon, sunshine rays and relatively shallow depth of the lagoon.

And although the lagoon looks like SEA, it is NOT and it is a freshwater lagoon fed by nearby underground cenotes.

There are exactly 111 places with nickname “Pueblo Mágico” (translated as Magical Village), which were named by the countries tourism board because of its uniqueness. And Bacalar has been named a Pueblo Mágico, too. Have a look at photos and you will understand why. 😉


Bacalar as town and as a lagoon are located on the Mexican Yucatan, not far away from the borders with Belize. It is actually 40 km from the borders with Belize and from a Mexican city Chetumal. From famous Tulum it can be distant around 200km, 3 hour car ride.

So if you are travelling from Belize to Mexico, it is just on the way and it would be a sin to miss it. Have a look at the pictures and again you will understand why. 😉


If you want to experience authentic Mexico and a place which wouldn´t be overcrowded by thousands of tourists, then Bacalar is your place to be. Compared to crazy Cancún or Tulum, this place seems to out of radar. From time to time you will bump into some foreigners, however it is very probable you will spend most of your time with locals there. During the day you can enjoy swimming in its breathtaking lagoon and do some sunbathing while in the evening you can join group of local ladies at the central park and do some dance aerobic.

Besides classical sunbathing and sweet nothing doing, you can also book a half day or full day tour on a boat where local guides would show you the surrounding of Bacalar, especially its cenotes such as Cenote Azul.

I spent sweet three days in Bacalar and I was enjoying sun, lagoon and complete relax. Exactly what I needed after my crazy adventures in Guatemala and the rest of Central America.

PS: You can find some nice accommodation easily through 15 dollars back after you book it through my link), however, I stayed loyal to my favourite travel app couchsurfing and I stayed few days at a place of a great local guy.

So what do you say my dear MiliMundo readers? Is Bacalar from now on your bucket list??

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