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Ahojte travellers!

My name is Milada but everybody calls me Mili. I was only 10 years old when I fell in love with travelling and started to become passionate traveller. Welcome to my travel blog where I would like to share with you my life changing travel experiences, crazy adventures, funny stories, practical tips how to travel the world, how to take courage and get out of your comfort zone and open your mind and heart to something completely new. Let me introduce you my “MUNDO”, my world, my life … MUNDO of MILI as world of many adventures, fun, crazy travel stories and unforgettable travel experiences! 🙂


Useful travel tips how to travel world safe and cheap and adventurously at the same time

Advice and recommendations on accommodation for affordable prices, cheap ways of

transportation, unique restaurants, unknown but somehow special travel agencies

Experiences from my travels through different parts of the world

Inspiration to travel the world and open your mind to unknown

Crazy adventures which can give you courage to try them too

Motivational photos and videos from my travels

Fun travel stories which will make you laugh

Useful couchsurfing tips

And much more 🙂

I love using PAF abbreviation for describing my relation to travelling. PAF actually stands behinds PASSION, ADVENTURE and FREEDOM. Three simple words describing me and my relation to traveling.

P – passion – something I think I was already born with. A unique quality which allows me fulfil my dreams and live my life to the fullest! I am passionate about many things but travelling

A – adventure – probably my most important reason for travelling – exploring unexplored, visiting unvisited and trying untried – adventure is what I seek in each of my travels

F – freedom – feeling I experience all the time while travelling. Feeling which cannot be fully described. Feeling which gives me passion and which makes me addicted to travelling. I feel free to do things in my life what make ME happy. And travelling is definitely one of such things.

Motto of MiliMundo: “Life is too short not to be fully happy”

MiliMundo is simply about passion, adventure and freedom for travelling! And about being happy! 🙂 

Maybe you ask: “What has been your life changing trip ever?” And I can provide you with answer without hesitation. MY SOLO BACKPACKING TRIP THROUGH SOUTH AMERICA. First journey I did by myself, first journey where I spent longer than 8 months out of my country, first journey I used couchsurfing alone. You will find more details about my crazy adventures from this continent full of incredibly friendly people in my blog together with information how I made my dream come true and how I was able to save enough money for such long journey.


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