7 Unpleasant Situations during my Central American Backpacking

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Those who were following my adventures in the last 4 months could have noticed that I had been through some rough situations from time to time. I always believed I was very lucky. Lucky in everything in my life. Till I got to Central America. Have a look at my 7 unpleasant situations I have been through in the last few months of my backpacking across Central America.

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 1 – Troubles at border crossing in Costa Rica

I wrote one full blog post about this unpleasant situation at border crossing in Costa Rica which you can read HERE. But to sum up, dona senorita at the immigration window on Costa Rica side gave me back my passport and told me: “I won´t let you in until you buy your return ticket out of Costa Rica.” Waaw I didn´t expect such reaction, it has never happened to me before. But everything is once for the first time, right?

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 2 – How I ended up in hospital in Costa Rica and Guatemala

Thanks God I have my amazing travel insurance True Travellers which helped me out when I needed it. I believe I should be used to incidents and accidents throughout my journey because almost every time something unplanned happens. In Costa Rica I ended up in  a hospital with a serious infection of urinary tract. Fortunately, I was examined very quickly and professionally, prescribed antibiotics which made me feel better. The whole examine cost me around 100 dollars which I paid directly at the hospital and which was reimbursed to me within 3 working days through my travel insurance company The True Traveller. At least something in this unpleasant situation, right?

But what happened in Guatemala? I went for hiking and I was bitten by red ants. The allergy caused that my WHOLE body god red and swollen, especially the intimate parts (uff, just imagine!) and the whole thing was worse because of diarrhoea which was making my life difficult in the last three days. Disaster! Fortunately, my couchsurfing host took me to the nearest hospital in Coban (fast 3 hours car ride) where doctors took great take care of me and prescribed me again some antibiotics and anti-allergy pills. This kind of experiences are never pleasant but at least they have a happy end in my case. 🙂

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 3 – Bus accident in Nicaragua

Well, well, well. The title sounds pretty serious but at the end I am here and alive, right? So no worries. My chicken bus in Nicaragua tried to avoid a direct crash with a motorcycle and as a result we ended up crashed into the wooden small empty house on a side of a road between Rivas and Granada. We were lucky that nothing deadly serious happened, we called the ambulance to the injured driver and I continued my way to Granada by hitchhiking … Please, don´t tell my mum. 🙂

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 4 – How I got arrested by police in Nicaragua

OK, again, it wasn´t as serious as it sounds but this experience belongs to the most unpleasant travel experiences I have ever had in my life. If you want to know more, CLICK HERE to read the full story of what happened. But to sum up, I was arrested only for a while so police could take my phone and delete my videos of the injustice they caused. Afterwards, I was released but my friends ended up in jail for further 24 hours …  Without any specific reason …

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 5 – How I was attacked by BEES in Honduras

Everyone was telling me: “Don´t go to Honduras, it is too dangerous.”. Guess what?! It wasn´t. Till I got to the beautiful island of Amapala where I was attacked by freaking bees. They somehow entered my hair and couldn´t get out so meanwhile they stung my head and left me with stingers. I was lucky to meet a local person who helped me get all stingers out of my head, gave me some ice so we stopped swelling. Again I was very lucky I didn´t end up in a hospital with any kind of allergy and I was able to continue enjoying my journey. Though I am trying to avoid bees ever since then. 🙂

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 6 – How I got scammed by tour operator in Guatemala

Ladies and gentlemen, please try to avoid tour operator EL GRAN JAGUAR located in town Flores, Guatemala. I was about to take a shuttle bus from Flores, Guatemala to Bacalar, Mexico at 5 am (I never do that but after all the incidents and accidents I wanted to have relaxed and at the same time last border crossing) when suddenly people working in El Gran Jaguar told me that they give me a ride only to the City of Belize. No explanation, no apology, nothing.

After I got super angry and they still didn´t bother to explain me more, I requested reclaim of my money. Of course, they disagreed but after I started (literally) screaming in the middle of the street at 5am, they gave it back to me and I started my last border crossing my usual way. Local chicken overcrowded buses … With a super high level of adrenaline in my blood. It took me exactly 4 buses, 2 taxis, 4 border crossing points, and many more complications at that day. I ended up in Mexico completely destroyed and exhausted… But I arrived! 🙂

Unfortunately, I don´t have any better photo but this is the entrance to the office of El Gran Jaguar, Flores, Guatemala

UNPLESANT SITUATION n. 7 –  How I ended up in the aggressive protest of taxi drivers in Mexico

OK OK OK, those who know a bit about geography would say now: “Hey dood, Mexico is not part of Central America and your title says Central American incidents….”. And yes you are right, Mexico is part of North America, but I simply had to add this pearl as the last unpleasant thing which happened to me during my journey from Colombia up to Canada. So what happened?

One lovely evening Mexican taxi drivers decided to protest between the beach and town of Tulum by blocking the road so no one could pass. So I decided to walk those few kilometers in order to get home to my CS host. I was lucky to meet a guy on a motorcycle who gave me a ride. However, in the middle of the protest we ended up running like crazy as the taxi drivers started to attack civil car with baseball bats and rocks. It was crazy, furious and aggressive. Fortunately, I was not hurt but you can imagine that with a piece of bad luck I could have ended up in a hospital again …

So my dear MiliMundo readers, my 4 month backpacking journey across South, Central and North America (let´s be precise) was carried in a way of ups & downs. It was a very emotional journey full of as positive as negative experiences. But you know what? I am very grateful for every situation that happened to me, even for those negative ones because thanks to them I learned something new and it all made me stronger. And I was always lucky to have amazing people in my surrounding even in those stressful situations. And this taught me that good people are everywhere. We just have to open our eyes, minds and hearts … 🙂   

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  • Millie, I see you were on the eastern side of Mexico near Tulum. April 28-June3 I was in Puerto Morelos at a beach resort. Made a side trip south to Playa del Carmen. We nearly crossed paths!
    Sorry for all your troubles in Central America and Mexico but I know you are stronger for it.
    I look forward to your on going adventures, enjoy !!!!!

    • Waw, we were so close to each other. Unbelievable! And thank you. I truly believe that what doesn´t kill me, makes me stronger so here I am 🙂

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