3 Reasons why I Do Travel Lectures about South America

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During summer 2016 I created my blog MiliMundo which gives advice how to travel the world safely, cheaply and adventurously at the same time. Its main aim is also to inspire people to travel to destinations which are not that popular among tourists. To countries such as countries of South America where I spent more than 8 months and where I am planning to return very soon.

In the last year I got the opportunity to do 9 travel lectures across Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 8 different cities.

In this article I would like to summarize my reasons why I do travel lectures about South America and what the main aim of the lecture is.

Reason n. 1 – Possibility to inspire & educate

The main reason for my travel lectures is the fact that thanks to them I have a chance to inspire people to travel more and not to be afraid of unknown. I teach about countries which are depicted negatively in media most of the time. I teach that not every place of that unknown world is as dangerous as it is said in the media. I teach how to get out of our comfort zone and be open to new situations.

The aim of my travel lectures is not only to provide people with practical information about countries of South America but also to intermediate my experiences with local people and point cultural differences.

There is no better feeling for me than a moment when one of the listeners comes to me after my travel speech and says how inspiring it was and how it opened his/her eyes. I receive plenty of emails and messages from my fans and each of them gives me the energy and motivation to continue in what I already do. To travel and to spread the word on travelling. 🙂

Reason n. 2 – Chance to meet new like-minded & inspiring people

Travel lectures & presentations are very often attended by many amazing, like-minded people & travellers who can make a great impact on my travel career and inspire me as well. The possibility to do travel lectures gives me a chance to meet plenty of new adventurous souls who share my life priorities.

One of them is for example Michal Knitl (worldwide traveller) who organizes travel festival Cestou Necestou where I had a chance to do 4 travel lectures in 4 different cities in Slovakia. Also a married couple with travel blog Cesta okolo sveta (Journey around the world) showed me that it is possible to travel with family and babies. And that it is possible to bike whole America from North to South.

I also met Lubo with Sam Sebe Pan, Tony & Lukas with STOPA, Karel with his travel festival Kolem Sveta (Around the World) and many many other travel souls who inspire me & support my decision to travel the world.

Reason n. 3 – Opportunity to earn a bit on the side

Although the main reason of my travel lectures is to motivate & inspire, it never harms my blog if I can earn a bit on the side. There are many possibilities how to monetize your blog (affiliate programs, ads, PR articles, etc…). And one of such possibilities are also travel lectures. How much I get per travel lecture is individual and depends on the agreement with the organizer.

Sometimes the reward for travel lecture may be in a form of a gift, t-shirt, book, entrance ticket for weekend travel festival or in a form of money. But this reason is not my main reason why I decide whether to do or not to do the travel lecture. Because I have already given a speech on South America without any financial reward.

The feeling that I helped someone to open their eyes. To inspire & motivate. To show that my beloved South America is not as dangerous as it is said is the main reason why I give travel lectures.

So what do you say? Would you like to attend one of my travel lectures? Or do you want me to do travel lecture in your place? Contact me and we can make it happen. 🙂

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