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In April this year I wrote an article “How I Quit my Jobs, Start from Zero & Follow my Travel Dreams (AGAIN)”.Now in November I am writing another article to inform you how my travel plans and dreams are coming into existence and what kind of travel adventures 2018 will bring me.

This big adventurous journey of MiliMundo (#milimundojourney) starts on the 9th of January 2018 and includes:

→  one way ticket to Colombian Cartagena

→ adventurous backpacking through Central America (probably Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala)

→ enjoying some moments in spicy Mexico

working in Canada as I got lucky and obtained one year working holiday visa

I am planning this big trip full of spontaneous adventures with unlimited time for some reason. With certain purpose. Aim. And in order to achieve my goal, I am trying to find sponsors and partners who would help me spread travel enlightenment. So what is my goal exactly?


The aim of this journey is to point out that even female solo travelling can be done in the destinations which are not easily accessible (or acceptable because of safety reasons) and that it is possible to travel safely, cheaply and adventurously at the same time. My blog MiliMundo will describe experiences from my travels on daily basis, integration with local people especially thanks to couchsurfing and provide information in which the readers are truly interested.

That is why a new project CHALLENGE MILIMUNDO is about to come into existence where YOU my lovely readers will have a chance to challenge ME in each travelled country. In each travelled place. The type of challenge will depend on the creativity of YOU my readers. You may ask me to start dancing with stranger on the streets in the middle of the day. To ask strangers to teach me how to prepare their traditional dish. Anything that comes to your mind and gives you some information or impression on local people and culture of travelled country. 🙂


For more information about possibilities of partnership with MiliMundo, please click HERE. It is  a “collaboration” page where you find all possibilities of partnership. Also what I as a blogger and my MiliMundo blog can offer to potential partners. And trust me, I will be more than grateful for any type of collaboration or sponsorship in the area of travelling and tourism which would help my blog, my readers and sponsors as such. Of course, partners must provide high quality service in the area of tourism.  


Travelling is my passion. My addiction. It is inseparable part of me. And I decided to spread the word on travel education. To teach others that travelling is beautiful. To show others that even solo female travelling can be safe. To inspire as many people as possible to travel more. And that is also one of the reasons why I am about to make this great journey in 2018.

The aim of the my blog MiliMundo is not only to inspire people and spread travel education but also provide with high quality travel information from the first hand. Information on itineraries, budget, planning, accommodation, flight tickets, excursions, insurance. Information on everything that not only solo travelling includes.

I would be more than grateful for sharing this article to as many people as possible so the chances it will come to the “right” hands are higher and I will find the way how to make my project happen.


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And if you want to contribute for 2018 MiliMundo travels, don´t hesitate and do it now. 🙂

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