2 Week Itinerary for Nicaragua + My Budget

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As I have already written down itineraries and budgets for other South and Central American countries (Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica), I am also writing down itinerary and budget for Nicaragua. For country where within 15 days so many things happened, as good as bad,  that it is hard to believe. About my “FIRST” things ever happened to me in Nicaragua, you can read HERE. But now back to the topic. What did I manage to see in Nicaragua within 2 weeks and how much did it cost me ??



San Juan del Sur is typical first stop of all backpackers coming from Costa Rica (as was my case). It´s a beach town usually known for “sex, drugs and rock&roll”. Simply said – parties, parties and parties. Therefore nothing for me. I stayed there two nights in Tadeo Hostel (10 dollars a night, breakfast and water included) and my only recommendation for you is to climb up to the statue of Jesus Christ from where the views are spectacular.


Ometepe was the highlight of my backpacking trip through Nicaragua. Also that is why I have written a separate article only about Ometepe which you can find HERE with all the necessary information. But shortly, those 4 days were days full of new adventures, hiking of active volcano, kayaking and meeting other crazy Slovaks. 🙂


This beautiful colonial town will take your breath away thanks to its unique colourful buildings and churches. Moreover, oit is surrounded by lake where you can relax anytime you want. My personal recommendation is to make a day trip to village Catarina where you can observe amazing views over lagoon Apoyo. In Granada I stayed three nights in hostel De Boca en Boca which I can recommend (8 dollars a night, good wifi, unlimited water, breakfast and welcome drink included). And super friendly staff. 🙂

Day trip to Catarina village with views over lagoon Apoyo was worth it 🙂


Leon is a hell when it comes to temperatures, however it has its bright side. Especially if you stay in Casa de Esperanza where a cute family from Honduras will take care of you like you were part of the family. You pay 5 dollars a night and you have two delicious meals included. Unbelievable, right?! Besides Casa de Esperanza, my recommendation is to walk all over city in order to visit all its magical cathedrals and churches and make a day trip to the beaches Las Penitas & Poneloya. I spent in Leon in total 6 days because I met there amazing people and it was difficult to leave. Moreover, I had some troubles with local police (more info HERE).

Family of Casa de Esperanza was a great part of my stay in Leon 🙂


Main currency of Nicaragua is so called “córdoba”- 1 euro represents 38 córdobas (COR). In total in 15 days I spent 299 euro (11 500 córdobas) which makes it 19,90 euro as average per day. So far the cheapest country of my Central American backpacking …


ACCOMMODATION —– 3560 COR (92,50 euro)

– unfortunately I stayed only in hostels, couchsurfing didn´t work properly in Nicaragua – as average I can say that you spend around 10 dollars per night in a hostel

TRANSPORT —– 979 COR (25,50 euro)

– I used only local so called “chicken buses” or sometimes hitchhiking (don´t tell my mum 😉 )

FOOD & DRINKS —– 3671 COR (95 euro)

pretty cheap food especially if you eat in local restaurants and buy food from typical “pulperias” – the cheapest lunch menu cost me 60 córdobas (2 dollars)

EXCURSIONS —– 933 COR (24 euro)

– the only excursion which I took and paid for was Cerro Negro volcano boarding which was organised through Quetzal Trekkers which donate most of the money to poor local kids

OTHER —– 2357 COR (62 euro)

phone card for only 50 córdobas, entrance tourist card cost me 12 dollars, exit fee 2 dollars, rest was spent on cosmetics, souvenirs and tips

Unfortunately I was not hosted even once with couchsurfing in Nicaragua that is why my route was typical of all other backpackers. I was mainly on typical touristic places and did typical touristic things (except of my troubles with police about which you can read HERE). And financially? It would be way much cheaper with couchsurfing, however, I cannot complain. Nicaragua is still the cheapest country I have travelled in Central America so far.  

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