13 Interesting Facts you may not know about the Philippines

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Those who have never been to the Philippines or hardly study about this country may find these facts about the Philippines pretty interesting and useful. Well, just have a look. 🙂

Interesting facts about the Philippines

  1. The Philippines consist of more than 7,000 islands located in the South-East Asia.
  2. The most popular islands are islands such as Palawan, Cebu, Bohol and to the TOP of this country belong rice fields located in the northern part of island Luzon.
  3. The Philippines are former colony of Spain. 
  4. Capital of the Philippines is Manila (probably where you firstly fly to) and the population of whole country is more than 100 million inhabitants. 
  5. Main language is so called “tagalog” – the Philippine language, however, each island has its own dialects. Many dialects. 
  6. Tagalog is not such a difficult language and thanks to former Spanish colonization you may observe some basics of Spanish language in Tagalog.
    Basketball “courts” on each corner … 🙂
  7. Almost everyone in the Philippines speak English (at least on Palawan). Already little kids try to speak English with you and even 80 year old grandmas will talk to you in English without problems. 
  8. The Philippines are pretty cheap country at least for our European standards. For example, main meal for 2 persons at I was able to buy for 100 pesos, which is less than 2 euro. In capital of Palawan – Puerto Princesa. 
  9. The Philippine people are extremely friendly and generous nation. The proof was already my first night in Puerto Princesa where a local family invited me for dinner. Since that night I was coming to their house every day to play with kids, teach them Slovak and spend some wonderful time together.
  10. The Philippine cuisine is all about RICE – rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No rice, no power. A day without rice simply doesn´t exist for Philippine people. 
  11. Gastronomic TOP of Palawan island is so called “balot” & “tamilok”. Balot is a bird embryo cooked and boiled which spend in the egg more than 16 days. And tamilok is type of worm which eats dead leaves of tree mangrove. Either of them looks delicious. And it was not. But it was worth trying. 🙂
    “Tamilok” – type of worm as typical Philippine specialty on Palawan
  12. Although the Philippines are pretty shirt, their favourite national game is BASKETBALL. All around Palawan you can find basketball courts or at least some baskets. Kids play it every single day. 
  13. The Philippine people can be proud of their voice. I don´t know a Philippine guy who couldn´t sing. That is why when you go out at night you usually bump into local bar where local people sing karaoke.

So what do you say about these facts & interest about the Philippines? This article was only the introduction article as I am planning to wrote more about islands such as Palawan, Coron/Busuanga & rice fields of northern Luzon. Keep following my adventures.  😉

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