10 reasons why to visit RIO de JANEIRO at least once in lifetime

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What is most people´s association with Rio de Janeiro? What is your first thing which comes up to your mind when somebody says Rio de Janeiro? Carnival? Copacabana? Statue of Jesus Christ? Caipirinha? Or more recently Olympics?

But what is the image of Rio de Janeiro in media? On internet, radio, television? Mostly negative. Most media write about high criminality, robberies, killing and violence which are supposed to take place on each corner of this beautiful city. Before I came to Rio, I had heard and read awful stories about Rio. The image of Rio in my head started to look like this: “Once I get off the plane in Rio, I will get robbed, raped, stabbed or killed by those local violent people.” Surprisingly, nothing of this happened.

After visiting Rio twice in my lifetime, and spending some nights very close to Rio´s favelas and even in the area which is not supposed to be very safe, I came to conclusion that media are big liars! Media tend to adjust the truth, exaggerate situations or even make up some things which did not happen at all. That´s why I decided not to follow, read or watch any media anymore.

And now I would like to give you at least 10 reasons why you should visit Rio de Janeiro at least once in lifetime and not to listen to media craps.

10 best things I have done, personally, in Rio de Janeiro and things I recommend you to do once you get there:

N. 1 – Watch one of the most magical sunsets of your life on IPANEMA beach in the part called Pedra do Arpoador. Feel free to buy some caipirinha and join some other groups of people watching this beautiful sunset day by day. The atmosphere of this place is simply awesome.


N. 2 – Enjoy one of the best views from PÃO DE AÇÚCAR, so called Sugar Loaf, over the whole city. Early in the morning, during the day or at sunset. It does not matter. The views are impressive anytime during the day.

In case you are interested in a guided tour around Rio de Janeiro with a cable car ride to Sugarloaf Mountain, CLICK HERE to get more information.



N. 3 – Drink the most delicious CAIPIRINHA directly on popular COPACABANA This typical Brazilian alcoholic drink is made of “cachaça“ and adds a sparkle to your day on the beach.


N. 4 – Take picture with famous Statue of Jesus Christ, also called Christ the Redeemer from where the views are incredible. Yeah, the place is overcrowded but it is still worth visiting.

In case you are interested in a guided tour around Rio de Janeiro and a train ride to the Statue of Jesus Christ, CLICK HERE to get more information.


N. 5 – Experience atmosphere of local people, their music and dancing directly on the streets, actually, wherever they are … SAMBA is all over the city! Even small kids look like professional dancers compared to us – Europeans.


N. 6 – Make a picnic of Brazilian delicious food COXINHA & PAO de QUEIJO on Botafogo beach with view over Sugar Loaf.


N. 7 – Enjoy the atmosphere of local markets full of Brazilian traditional fruits. Fresh juices are made of fruits you have never heard about before. Simply try it and it will make your day.


N. 8 – Taste typical Brazilian meal “feijoada” in company of local and extremely friendly people. It would be a sin to come to Rio and not to try their traditional meal served with rice and beans.


N. 9 – Try Açaí – Amazonian fruit pyree, served ice cold, truly healthy and full of antioxidants. Street sellers will bring you ice-cream made of açaí directly to your hands while you are lying on the beach…


N. 10 – Meet one of the sexiest and hottest people of the planet! As women as men, almost everybody has perfectly shaped bodies. Ladies with nicely shaped bum, gentleman with breath-taking six-pack … You will definitely find your type there 😉

So my fellow readers, I hope that these 10 reasons are enough motivational for you to get out of your home, stop believing everything that media say and start exploring beauty of Rio de Janeiro by yourself!

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