Let me show you short video catching the moments of my happiness in Brazil. Its culture, people, music, breathtaking nature, forrest, beaches, waterfalls … It all made my stay there unforgettable!! Click the picture below to watch te video 🙂 … Read More

Taste of Colombian COFFEE

When mentioning COLOMBIA, most people (especially non-travellers) think of negative things. Such as danger, cocaine, smuggling. However, we – travellers, we know that Colombia is not only famous for being one of the most friendly nations of the planet, for … Read More

Secrets of Ecuadorian AMAZONIA

Amazonia – South American rainforest full of beauty, secrets, dangers. Who would like to explore it? Amazonia or the Amazon jungle which covers most of the Amazon basin of South America, represents over half of the planet´s remaining rainforests. I … Read More

Latin indigenous people

Latin indigenous people Real backpacking will not only teach you a lot about yourself but about cultures of other countries from completely different perspective. My backpacking through South America taught me a lot about local people, Latin indigenous tribes, their … Read More